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As West Concord's Dessert Cafe, we have several options to satisfy any sweet craving from your morning latte to after dinner ice cream and cookies. 

All of our ice cream is made by hand, on-site, and in small batches. New flavors are made every day alongside the 28 usuals. That means that if you don't see your favorite one day, it may be here the next! And when it is up, be sure to grab it in one of our hand packed quarts or pints to take it home and save for later. Every flavor is also available in soft serve and we have tons of toppings to give you every reason to be cheerful!

Getting started in the morning is rough, which is why we brew fresh, locally roasted Karma Coffee every day and offer it in lattes, mochas, affogattos (that's coffee with ice cream!). We can even pour some in to a frappe for a frappaccino! Not a coffee person? No problem. We also have several variaties of tea and other hot and cold drinks.

There are cookies in the shop once again! That's right, cookies. You can take a few or get them made into a cookie ice cream sandwich. With five kinds baked daily, what's not to love!