our Cakes to Go

There are always cakes in our freezer! If you're in a rush or you just want a fun evening, you can stop by and grab one of these. Writing is available while you wait or a little early if you call ahead (weekdays only)!

These cakes are available daily in 6" (serves 6-8) and 8" (serves 8-12) sizes


*Our cakes are processed on shared equipment and in a shared facility
that also processes peanut, tree nut, egg, soy, dairy, and wheat.


So Simple

Ice Cream Layers: Vanilla & Chocolate
Filling: Fudge & Jimmies
Frosting: Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream
Toppings: Fudge & Jimmies



Ice Cream Layers: Cookie Dough & Cookies 'n Cream
Filling: Fudge & Chocolate Cookie Crunch
Frosting: Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream
Toppings: Fudge, Cookies, Graham, & Cookie Crunch


Mint Delight

Ice Cream Layers: Mint Chip & Chocolate
Filling: Fudge & Brownie Pieces
Frosting: Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream
Toppings: Fudge & Chocolate Cookie Crunch


Good 'n Muddy

Ice Cream Layers: Coffee Hydrox & Chocolate
Filling: Fudge & Cookies
Frosting: Chocolate Buttercream
Toppings: Fudge & Cookies



Ice Cream Layers: Caramel Sea Salt & Chocolate Chip
Filling: Fudge, Marshmallows, & Graham Crumble
Frosting: Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream
Toppings: Fudge, Marshmallows, & Graham Crumble



Ice Cream Layers: Heath Bar & Chocolate
Filling: Fudge, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, & Heath Bar
Frosting: Chocolate Buttercream
Toppings: Fudge, Cookies, & Heath Bar

Need a custom cake?

Rachel is our incredibly tationlented cake maker and decorator. She can do just about anything with enough notice. Custom orders require a week's notice. Please refer to the schedule below to make sure we can get yours done on time!

Our custom cakes are available in several sizes!

6" (serves 6-8) • 8" (serves 8-12) • 10" (serves 16-20) • 9"x13" (serves 18-28)

Give the store a call at 978 610-6248 or click below to get your cake started!